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Make money as a teenager

I am a teenager ... in training at least.

The reason being is that I haven't perfected the art of being a teenager. Being a teenager can be rough. Really rough. Out of the many obstacles in my teenage years, even though I'm only 14, I've figured out the two biggest problems of being a teenager.

  1. My phone runs out of charge almost every second

  2. I want EVERYTHING but have no money to buy anything.

The first problem is kind of hard to solve and I'm going to leave Apple to figure that one out. The second problem is as a teen you need everything but don't have enough money to buy it. And even if you do ... it's only a small matter of time before you run out of that money but you want something else. The other day I was at the apple store. All I saw was a lineup of the brand new iPhone X and MacBook Pros everywhere. I've always wanted to have a MacBook Pro so I decided to go to my bank and withdraw some money. Obviously, my card got declined because the bank being my dad said: "No, you have to work for it!"

Now, I am the master of procrastination but when there is money involved I'll be the first one there. "Early bird gets the worm." Right? That is partially true when you are a teen. Usually when you are a teen your main source of income is through chores. For me and many other teens, chores is a business which files for bankruptcy almost every week. The reason being is that even if you wake up and earn 10 bucks from doing the dishes you aren't going to be able to sustain that money. Even if you do, halfway to your goal of the amount of money you want, you will buy something else. To all the teens out there, making money is not that hard but the thing which all of us want is the fast part of the equation.

Now obviously this blog can go in many different directions but you guys want to know how my career has been in making money online. First things first, I have not made a lot of money or any money for that matter online. Then why are you teaching people to make money you might ask. I have a lot of experience on where you can make money online because I have been attempting to make money for a long period of time. I can lead you in the right direction and help you on where I have epic-ally failed. I believe that I could have made a lot of money through these methods if I had invested more time into them. Below, I will explain all the methods I have tried out, from starting a YouTube channel to making an account in Fiverr. Let’s get into the many ways I have failed in making money and why I still consider myself a teenager in training.


Now obviously if we're talking about making money, especially online, YouTube is at least in the top ten ways of

making money in any list. Most of you probably binge watch YouTube everyday and are fairly familiar with it. The top YouTubers can make up to millions of dollars which is just insane because most of them just start off for fun. When I heard about YouTube, I was psyched. Not because I could create videos and make free money. Instead I was psyched because I could watch any type of videos I liked. Once I was over my phase of watching YouTube non-stop, I finally had figured out that YouTube is a platform where I can make videos and be myself and make millions of dollars simultaneously. What I had forgot was that everything takes time and a lot of hard work. So, as soon as I uploaded my first video I reloaded the page a couple thousands of times to see if my views had gone up. After an hour or so, I decided to research a little bit more about YouTube. I ended up making a new channel with my friends called SW Perfect. I would ask you to subscribe to my YouTube channel but I left it due to a reason which I will explain later on. This channel was an inspiration from my favorite channel, Dude Perfect. It basically consisted of my friends and I compiling random trick shots that we did. Now that we were a bit more familiar with YouTube, we didn’t sit there counting how many views we got. Once our channel got a 20 whole subscribers, YES 20, we decided to get more serious and wanted to start to monetize our videos. To our luck, YouTube decided to come out with a rule only two days ago, that you can only monetize your video if you had over 10,000 views on your channel. After trying to hack our way around a billion dollar company we decided to forget about YouTube. Except, we left our video up and we got a couple hundred views on it. So once we got a little bit of “fame”, we decided to get back and we made 7 videos totaling about 4,000 views in the span of 6 months. We also hit over 100 subscribers which was a big milestone for us.

Above is how our YouTube page looked when we left it. You might ask why we left it and the obvious reason was we spent a lot of time and had not much of an outcome. I know that “never give up” is the saying but I decided to start doing something else instead. Now that I am older I am learning that giving up shouldn’t be the option but when you are a teenager, your brain is always jumping to the next big thing and for me that was Fiverr. I still liked making videos but decided to work on Fiverr instead.


One big thing to know about most teens is that our brains are like Spider man. We jump from one thing to another just like Spider man does from building to building. Obviously, I am a teenager and I jumped from YouTube to Fiverr in just a matter of seconds. This time I was smarter so I looked at a few examples before making an account. If you guys don’t know what Fiverr is, it is a website where people can post tasks which they can do for someone else for five dollars or more. Since I had experience with making logos, and by experience I mean the little time I spent making my own logo on YouTube (shown below), I decided to post an offer where I make a channel logo for five dollars. I made my profile and added a few of my logos I had made. After a few days, I was confused why I hadn’t gotten any fame or any views on that matter so I decided to add a few things to my profile. By adding a few things I meant to change everything about it including my name so I look more professional. The only thing was my logos looked like a Kindergartener made them. Obviously, I couldn’t use someone else's logos so I decided to try to improve my logos. After a few weeks, my page had gotten one request and one rating. And that was me. I had ended up making another fake email so that I could use my own service. Man the things you do for money! If you guys haven’t noticed yet, the teen life is harder than you can imagine. All I wanted was some money so that I could feel rich. Anyways, as I said before, if I was actually good at making logos I would’ve probably made some money. If you are good at a certain task I would recommend Fiverr since it is a great and free way to make money. While I was failing at Fiverr, my brain jumped to my next big attempt to make money. Car Washes.

Car Wash

I’m not going to explain what car washes are because if you don’t know what a Car Wash is, you are probably living under a rock. Anyways, this one is fairly straight-forward and includes other outdoor “chores” like lawn mowing. At this point I desperately wanted money because like humans need shelter and water, teens need money even if they don’t use it. It was summer, and we were bored so as soon as I saw my sister make money off of a car wash, I decided to gather a team of four and start a car wash “company”. We started with a few investments including sponges for cleaning the car and soap also to clean the car. My friends had the rest of the supplies so we went door to door to advertise out company. After a while of bouncing from one house to the other and getting rejected many times, we decided to go to our own parents houses and ask if they wanted a car wash. From pity, they replied Fine after a lot of persuading. Emphasis on a lot. Once we got our customer hooked in we gave them our prices and finished a car wash in one whole hour. We were so tired and couldn’t wait for the hard work to literarily pay off. The first car we washed was my dad’s and we told him that it would be fifteen dollars. He gave me fifteen dollars and I started walking home. But wait. I had completely forgot that there were three other teammates. That meant we had to divide the money into four people. I was so mad that I had forgot that. Anyways, we all ended up with about four bucks, but we had worked an hour, so obviously we were furious that we got payed less than minimum wage. Finally, I quit the “team” saying that it was a dumb idea and we made no profit because we had spent so much money on the supplies. My team ended up quitting as well because they didn’t have any customers left, which made sense because it was raining almost every other day. As I said before, car washes and other chores are not the best ways to gain money and in our case, we even lost money. My latest attempt to make money was a cash back app called Ibotta, which I will explain why it totally backfired.


The Ibotta app isn’t new. It is actually fairly old and once I found out about it, I found out that almost everyone has downloaded it on their phone already. The Ibotta app is considered one of the best cashback apps. If you don’t know what a cashback app is, it is basically an app where you show proof of buying a certain item and it will give you a certain amount of money back depending on the price of the item. For me this sounded like a win-win because my parents bought everything and all I had to do was snatch the receipt and scan it to get a few bucks every time they went shopping. I ended up with 10 bucks after my parents went on a grocery shopping spree. While I waited for the next shopping spree I found out that there were bonuses on the app where if you invite 5 friends and they use Ibotta through your referral code, you received $100. I was so hyped. I even made a goal to gain the $100 by the next week. How would you refer 5 people in one week, you might ask. That is a good question I must say. Obviously by making different accounts on different devices and acting like I referred different people. So through this I “recommended” two other one of my devices and got 20 bucks on my account. What was even better was that the other accounts got an extra 5 bucks each for using a referral code. This means that I was at $30 in one day. That is more than what I have earned on any day so obviously I was excited. Ecstatic even. I told my parents to give me their receipts from now on so that I could earn even more on Ibotta. I also took my mom’s phone on the process to make another fake account. I signed up and put my referral code in.

ACCESS DENIED. WHAT? I yelled. I double checked the code and logged into my Ibotta account. All it showed up was access denied. I quickly went to my email and had gotten an

email from Ibotta (shown above to the right). The email stated that my account had been deactivated because I used the same receipt for two different devices. Obviously, I hadn’t read the terms and conditions before using Ibotta so I had lost all my money. I thought that Ibotta was a scam because it deactivated my account but it was also my fault. After failing at so many things, I have also learned a few things.

-Teen life is hard. I don’t need to explain this one because as you guys can see, all I wanted was some money so that I could buy myself a MacBook or something.

-I learned that money has become a necessity in our generation. As Tai Lopez once said, “Money can't buy you happiness, but the absence of money can buy you unhappiness.” Although I am not too sad about not having money yet, I would have loved something for all of that effort.

-The last thing I learned is to never give up. Now you might say, OMG that is such an old saying. But older people are wiser because they have more experience. Although I didn’t earn anything, I have become more wise in making money because I have gained more experience. This has made me want to persevere more and more and I am still trying to figure out a way to make money as a teen. If you still don’t get it, the teen years might be the hardest years in your life, but the hardest years could turn out to be the most knowledgeable years in your life as well.

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